Working Together For Working Families Conference brought together leading family well-being experts to cultivate a national conversation in making family-centered efforts like the Whole Family Approach the norm. Explore the presentations and videos from the conference below.

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Welcome Presentation from The Pascale Sykes Foundation
Panel: The Whole Family Approach in Action
Forming and Sustaining a Successful Collaboration
Evaluation: Results and Future Directions
Utilizing the Whole Family Approach in Urban Settings
Panel: The Whole Family Approach: The Big Picture

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Whole Family Approach Evaluation in Southern New Jersey from Senator Walter Institute of Public Affairs

Impact of the Whole Family Approach on Family Well-Being from University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice

Videos & Blogs

Watch the Livestream of the Morning Plenary with the Three Doctors here.

Watch the Livestream of the Afternoon Plenary here.

Read the wrap-up blog here.

Watch the video below to learn about the powerful impact of the Whole Family Approach.

The Approach

The Whole Family Approach is a family-led strategy that provides adults and children with the tools to collectively set life goals, create actionable plans, and achieve those goals. When the whole family works together to support each other’s goals, long-term change and well-being become a reality.