Success Stories

Solis Family

When Elia, mother of the Solis family, heard Unidos was offering a path to obtain her GED diploma entirely in Spanish, she was very excited. Enrolling in classes in 2018, she initially struggled with writing exams. After an evaluation, her instructor noticed that barriers to her success had their origins… Read More

Anderson Family

As a 21-year-old father of two, Darnell Anderson is a Stronger Families Strong Fathers empowerment group member. Athletically skilled in basketball, he’s also played in our adult league for two years.  Seeking direction and looking to build a solid foundation for the future, Darnell sought counsel from a Community Advocate… Read More

Mentoring in a COVID-19 World

The transition to middle school was not easy for one Arthur Project mentee, Chance. Being on the autism spectrum made a completely new environment overwhelming for Chance.  “Chance was really lost when he started middle school. He had to make all new friends, and everything was so different for him,”… Read More

Overcoming Crisis to Achieve Stability

Jasmine and her children’s story is one of strength and dedication.  In 2017, Jasmine was an expecting mother with two young children, living out of her car and struggling to make ends meet. Without a permanent home, Jasmine made the tough but necessary decision to move her two older children… Read More

A Strong Community Sets up Success at Home

Parenting is a difficult job that receives little-to-no training. For many working families, the pressures of everyday life on top of the demands of raising children can be difficult and that the pandemic has only added to this stress. Parents Anonymous of New Jersey – Father Time (Father Time) offers… Read More

The Power of Community Based Mentoring

Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring is not only a place where children thrive — it’s a place where moms who feel isolated know they will find a community of support. It’s where moms can access the resources they need — to be strong for themselves, and for their children.  Two… Read More

Bronx-based Arthur Project program redefines youth mentoring

This piece was originally in The Bronx Times, you can find it here.By Jason Cohen The Arthur Project, based in The Bronx, has found a way to redefine youth mentoring in this new era. Cofounded by Liz Murray, whose life story was made into a book and Emmy-nominated television film, “Homeless… Read More

One Family’s Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The bond my family and I have is even stronger now as we face this crisis together,” said Ariel Toribio, referencing the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected millions of lives around the globe.

Perseverance and collaboration

The Mendez family story is one of perseverance and collaboration. In 2017, sisters Aleesa and Ayasia had missed over 80 days of school and were struggling academically. Their challenges continued when they moved in with their aunt and were forced to change high schools. Once connected to First Star, the… Read More

Rebuilding Life After Incarceration

Gabriel Smith was recently released from prison after a six-year sentence. While incarcerated, he made strides toward his future, earning his high school diploma. Upon release, he was connected to Stronger Families to help him reintegrate into his family and community. Though Gabriel and his wife are divorced, they remained… Read More