Our Mission

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build strong families by advocating for and funding innovative, holistic social and economic programs that transform the lives of working, low-income families.

We envision a world where all working, low-income families can and thrive. A world where all members of a family are able to identify and use all the tools and services they need so they can do more than just get by. A world where working families become economically stable and no longer live paycheck to paycheck. A world where they define, create and live the futures they dream of.

Our Perspective

Families know what they want and need in life. When all members of a family work together, they can set goals and create plans to successfully establish and maintain their stability and well-being.

How We Do It

We champion the Whole Family Approach, investing in and supporting partners who work with adults and children, so that the needs of the entire family can be served. We support innovative social and economic initiatives, making integrated investments into social supports, transportation and non-traditional loans, so that families can work together to set goals and plan for the future they imagine.

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