Our Story

“Hope is setting a goal and moving toward that goal, taking steps toward the future. That’s what gets families and individuals through challenges of daily life and makes a difference in the community.”

-Fran Sykes, President and CEO, Pascale Sykes Foundation

Families are the foundation upon which strong communities are built. In many ways, working, low-income families are the backbone of our country, working the jobs that keep America running. Yet the system is not working for them right now. These individuals are doing all the right things — working, getting their children to school, nurturing their families. But they live paycheck to paycheck. If a single circumstance in their lives changes, such as a parent losing a job, or someone falling ill, it could threaten the entire family’s long-term well-being.

These families know what they want for themselves and for their future, but are unsure of how to save or take actions to reach the future they dream of. Working low-income families are most likely to be overlooked by the current social services system. They are often told that they “earn too much” or otherwise don’t qualify for support. In a supportive environment, however, the entire family unit is able to stabilize themselves and make decisions that get them closer to their long-term goals and keep them out of poverty.

The Pascale Sykes Foundation champions the Whole Family Approach so that working families can collectively stabilize themselves and reach their dreams. Research shows that children thrive when there are two responsible, adult caregivers in the home. While not every family looks the same, it’s always possible to identify grandparents, extended family or neighbors dedicated to the well-being of the children. This circle of support is essential to achieving long-term success for the entire family.

We opened our doors in 1992 out of a belief that all members of a family — adults and children — can achieve and maintain a stable, supportive environment if they have the tools and support network to cope with short-term stresses.