Anderson Family

As a 21-year-old father of two, Darnell Anderson is a Stronger Families Strong Fathers empowerment group member. Athletically skilled in basketball, he’s also played in our adult league for two years. 

Seeking direction and looking to build a solid foundation for the future, Darnell sought counsel from a Community Advocate who could guide him towards college and possible career goals. 

Enrolled in the classes at Rowan College of South Jersey for January of 2021, Darnell also leaped on a job opportunity with which he’s been employed for several months. Never imagining he’d be both a college student and gainfully employed at a rate of $17.50/hour, these two significant aspects of his life have proven to have an exponentially positive effect on himself and his family. Being self-sufficient in this manner, Darnell recognizes that the family dynamic and bond have become much stronger. 

Beyond his academic and professional endeavors, Darnell has established a short-term goal of purchasing an automobile and playing basketball in college in the long term.