Perseverance and collaboration

The Mendez family story is one of perseverance and collaboration. In 2017, sisters Aleesa and Ayasia had missed over 80 days of school and were struggling academically. Their challenges continued when they moved in with their aunt and were forced to change high schools.

Once connected to First Star, the sisters and their aunt received guidance on how to build academic plans that would help the whole family move towards a more stable future. As part of her plan, Ayasia began utilizing First Star’s Tutoring Hub, and her grades saw a major improvement. Her overall grade average jumped from 87 to a 91 percent, while her math grade jumped from 70 to 82 percent. Ayasia is now finishing her junior year of high school with determination and confidence.

Aleesa, has also made great strides at school. Prior to transferring schools, Aleesa had a 1.65 GPA. After working on her plan with First Star, she has elevated her GPA to a 3.7 during her first semester at Millville High School.

Their aunt was also committed to seeing them succeed and encouraged them to become active at First Star and at school. Using the Whole Family Approach, the Mendez family has shown how true change is possible when the family works as one.