Pascale Sykes Foundation on Ascend: Navigating uncertainty and strengthening families with the Whole Family Approach

“Once COVID-19 started, we at the Foundation had three goals. One was that our grantees and their families maintain as much of their gains as possible. Second, was that our families successfully address their new goals. Thirdly, that our families have proactive responses. To make sure they’re not just responding to crisis after crisis, but staying ahead of the curve.” 

On May 26, President and CEO of the Pascale Sykes Foundation, Frances Sykes, joined the Ascend network of family well-being advocates and service providers to share lessons around the Foundation’s response to COVID-19 and how the Whole Family Approach is supporting our grantees and the communities they service stay afloat. 

To speak on her own family’s experience with the Whole Family Approach, Sykes was joined by Heather Crotty, a busy New Jersey mom working through the impacts of a pandemic on her job, her home life, and her son’s learning abilities. By collaborating with her family advocate, she was able to set, implement, and achieve financial and educational goals for her family and herself. 

In these challenging times, applying the Whole Family Approach has never been more important to advance the well-being of our grantees and their communities. View Fran and Heather’s full presentation here.