Pascale Sykes Foundation Grantee Spotlight


Career Gear
Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT)

From its inception in 1999, Career Gear’s earned a reputation for supporting men who are low income and entering the workforce by providing business appropriate clothing. Career Gear’s philosophy is simple but powerful: successful employment is a catalyst towards men emerging as fathers and leaders within their communities. Over the years, Career Gear has responded to the growing needs of men entering and re-entering the workforce and has become a multidimensional nonprofit serving the needs of its participants through three distinct programs.

Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT) is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering unrepresented Family Court litigants with legal information and compassionate guidance. The significant stress and anxiety of Family Court involvement, where every case involves a fractured family and the well-being of a child, is compounded by the fact that more that 80% of the families in the system are there without a lawyer to represent them. LIFT’s services and referrals enable families to successfully advocate for themselves in the New York Family Court system and secure resources that help to promote their personal and children’s well-being and improve their economic outlook.

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