Grant Philosophy

Pascale Sykes Foundation awards a few substantial long-range grants to efforts meeting the criteria outlined in the Foundation’s Mission Statement. In Southern New Jersey grants are limited to collaborations. In Central New Jersey, Manhattan and South Bronx grants are limited to collaborations or agencies coordinating activities with other agencies.

Pascale Sykes Foundation is in the process of spending all its assets and plans to close its doors in 2022 or 2023. Although open to extraordinary situations and innovative, creative concepts, the Foundation has no plans to accept proposals to fund new grants. 

Pascale Sykes considers grantmaking a partnership between each grantee and the Foundation. Grantees submit three reports each year to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees which then provides feedback to grantees. Communication should be open and frequent. Grantees are expected to notify the Foundation promptly of significant events or changes affecting or influencing program, policy or service delivery. 

Those wishing to learn more about grantmaking and grant philosophy should contact the Red Bank office. 

Legacy Grants

Whole Family Approach Collaborations