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Based on research conducted over the past thirty years, the trustees have concluded that family well-being, the principal goal of the Foundation’s mission, is correlated with two-parent families or, where that is not possible, of families with two adults consistently committed to family welfare.

Another factor highly correlated with family well-being is access to a wide array of professional and non-professional support systems.  The Pascale Sykes Trustees strongly encourage different agencies, public and private, to work together in family support.

Working through representative county coalitions, the Foundation will award a select number of grants to groups focused on strengthening family self-sufficiency by supporting two adult/parent working class families within a framework of interagency collaborations and partnerships.  Efforts must fall within parameters established by county coalitions as well as be consistent with the Pascale Sykes Mission Statement and Grant Philosophy.

Groups interested in submitting proposals to the Pascale Sykes Foundation as part of the South Jersey Initiative must call the Foundation Office in the fall or winter for possible consideration in May.  Proposal Guidelines may be obtained only after a site visit to each agency participating in the collaboration and preliminary determination of suitability.

The South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative Provides:

  • An opportunity to mobilize the community in support of children and families
  • A public-private partnership to gather needed resources
  • An opportunity to track behavioral outcomes of families in programs with embedded value
  • A commitment to a long-term sustained effort
  • An opportunity to expand services and programs towards mutual goals