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Working Together For Working Families brought together renowned family experts to expand the national conversation on how to best serve low-income, working class families. Listen to their individual presentations below.

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Mia Birdsong
David Brooks

Thaddeus Ferber
Majorie Sims
Joyce Thomas
David Smith
Anthony Cipollone

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Anthony Cipollone
Thaddeus Ferber
Marjorie Sims
David Smith

Watch the video below to learn more about the Pascale Sykes Foundation and how they make a
difference in the lives of working low-income working families.

Watch the video below to meet our Grantees and to learn about their efforts in strengthening
low-income working families through the Whole Family Approach

Presenting Grantees



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The Pascale Sykes Foundation’s Working Together for Working Families Conference took place on February 2, 2017. The conference showcased the Whole Family Approach and South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative Grantees. More than 325 stakeholders and experts in the family social services field gathered for the one-day conference, which was held at Cumberland County College’s Luciano Conference Center. The conference was designed to help expand the national discussion on how to best assist low-income, working class families. 



The Approach

The Pascale Sykes Whole Family Approach is grounded in the belief that families with at least two consistent, responsible adults and active buy-in of all family members are most stable and healthy in every sense. Through pursuing family determined goals, they can become socially and economically stable, and individuals within the families can lead productive lives and contribute to their communities.

The Grants

Pascale Sykes Foundation awards long term grants, renewed annually, to collaborations providing life coaching. Such coaching enables families to obtain resources, to develop informal supports and to navigate the system, thus achieving positive outcomes.

The Relationships

If you’d like to contact any of the Pascale Sykes Foundation grantees, please click here.