VIDEO: Pascale Sykes Foundation Invests $50 Million to Help Families in South Jersey


MILLVILLE – A $50 million investment is being made in South Jersey Counties to help support working families in Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, and Atlantic Counties.

“We, the Pascale Sykes Foundation is fully funded and is closing its doors in either 2022 or 2023. So we decided to have a spend down to really make a difference,” said Francis Sykes, President of the Pascale Sykes Foundation. “We looked at all the different counties in New Jersey, all kinds of stats, and discovered that Atlantic, Cumberland, and Salem Counties offer the most potential.”

Pascale Sykes plans that over the next 12 years, new programs will be implemented among South Jersey including social service and transportation programs. Their main goal is to promote the growth of business and the assets of these Southern Counties.

“We looked at median salaries, unemployment, high school graduations, a host of things that are a matter of public record,” said Franics Sykes. “Found that these counties have the most potential. We know that physically, these counties are beautiful counties.”

As part of their initiative, Pascale Sykes teamed up with Masterpiece Advertising for their first phase of the project, which includes showing all of the great things these counties have to offer.

“My reaction is hurray. I appreciate Pascale Sykes and what they’re doing,” said Albert Kelly, Mayor of Bridgeton. “They’re not overlooking the most impoverished­­­ counties and cities in New Jersey, but they are focusing in on and we’re often over looked here because we do not have the numbers of Central and North Jersey and so I say thank you and hurray.”

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