Pascale Sykes Foundation Grantee Spotlight

February 2013

Mental Health Association of Monmouth County’s
Red Bank Resource Network

Fathers’ Care Network

The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County’s Red Bank Resource Network (RBRN) was initially funded in the summer of 2009. In partnership with Pascale Sykes Foundation, the project enhances the lives and improves functioning of families who visit our center. This is accomplished through information and referral, case management, education, coaching, and facilitating access to health, employment and human services. In addition, RBRN provides community organization to assess local needs and mobilize responses through both its Community Advisory Council and Provider Council. The latter is a consortium of professional partners collaborating to deliver services to those who utilize the center.

The goal of Fathers’ Care Network is to increase family self-sufficiency and enhance child and family well-being through supporting a father’s role in the lives of their children.

Fathers’ Care Network provides…
– support in establishing visitation schedules with their children and the co-parent
– parent education trainings such as: child development, conflict resolution, communication skills
– case management services
– individualized family plans
– court advocacy and linkages to community supports
– employment services
– mentoring
– father and child visitation and reunification assistance to incarcerated fathers and fathers in the community

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