Pascale Sykes Foundation Grantee Spotlight

November – Family Life & Community Wellness

Shiloh Community Development Corporation
Family Life Services and Community Wellness Center
Family Enrichment Network (FEN)

The Shiloh Community Development Corporation’s Family Life Services and Community Wellness Center (FLS & CWC) connects families to resources and services to meet challenges, mitigate risk and increase the possibilities of positive outcomes. In partnership with stakeholders of the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC,) SFLS & FCWC provides outreach, assessment, counseling, case management, referrals, training, and resource development. The center develops and updates information on family support services and disseminates this information through the THDC stakeholder network. A web-based client database is used to document intakes and transactions to maximize coordination, communication, resource mobilization and planning among the THDC stakeholders.

The vision for the The Family Enrichment Network (FEN) was created as collaboration between the YMCA of Salem County, Family Resource Network and the Salem City School District with Sharptown United Methodist Church as a valuable partner. Families in Salem County identify goals and our services help them achieve their goals by:

– providing information & referral
– guiding families in steps toward their goals
– connecting families to free community events
– case management services

In our efforts, we promote self-sufficiency and child well-being by focusing on, strengthening and supporting the adults leading the family.

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