Families and Schools Together

Families and Schools Together® is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping your community build protective factors around kids.We produce and distribute evidence-based, parent involvement programs and prevention/intervention programs that teach parents how to become empowered and show them how to empower their children to succeed. Our mission is to help your community create barriers to the risks kids face by creating a strong family accountability infrastructure, using a collaborative framework of local support.

We distribute a number of award-winning after-school programs, including the widely-adopted, SAMHSA model program called FASTâ„¢. Our models use low-cost, proven methods based on decades of research, to help restore the ability of participating families to prevent and stop unhealthy behaviors and to provide leadership so kids can reach their potential.

FAST Programs

Connect parents and kids to their schools and communities
Promote community service and voluntary participation
Guide parents in building personal success assets in their kids
Build skills and change attitudes through experiential learning
Preserve precious classroom time through school-focused, extracurricular parental involvement
Assure that capable parents remain the primary agents of protection for their kids
Each of the five FAST programs conforms to one of the development stages in a child’s life. In this way FAST can be used as a prevention or early intervention at any point in the family lifecycle.

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