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Families in Motion is a multi-county collaborative focused on supporting families on their journey to success by providing them with the tools and resources needed to achieve their goals and lead their families to the next level. Families In Motion consists of the Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Inc., the Center for Human Services, the Latin American Economic Development Association, Inc., and Inspira Health Network. These organizations have come together to form an intensive and holistic family building program that serves low income, working families in Cumberland and Gloucester Counties. Families in Motion’s overarching goal is to provide families with the tools to develop self-sufficient and sustainable strategies to achieve their goals and become stronger members of their communities. The three core areas of focus are economic stability, healthy well-being, and civic engagement. njfamiliesinmotion.com

The Heart of South Jersey is an inter-agency collaboration comprised of EIRC, Senior Corps, People for People, Clayton Public Schools, Center for Family Services, Center for People in Transition that provides the Gloucester County families with a quality support system to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. The Heart’s mission is to increase access to appropriate services at the appropriate time through guided referral and ongoing support. This is achieved by assessing the needs of the family, and empowering them for long-term success through access to Resource Central, a hub for referrals, appropriate connections, and education that includes, an up-to-date, online, multi-county Resource Directory, LifeSkills Institute, family need assessments, and providing referrals and resources. The Heart has additionally developed The Community Outreach Think Tank, which supports the help provider community, providing resources, support and information. heartsj.org

The Child Connection Center collaboration is made up of the Educational Information & Resource Center, Clayton Public School District, Glassboro Public School District, Gloucester County Special Services School District, and Saint Michael the Archangel Regional School District. It provides family strengthening support services to students and families in three neighboring Gloucester County Schools: Glassboro Intermediate (6-8); Thomas E. Bowe Elementary School (4-5); Herma Simmons (Pre-K-5) and Saint Michael’s (Pre-K-8.) The Child Connection Network utilizes a shared intake process and family Assessment Plan across all sites. Services offered include student support, family support at home and classroom support for teachers designed to strengthen whole families while including schools as part of the support network. childconnectioncenter.com

Unidos para la Familia is a collaborative that includes Revive South Jersey, Pathstone, the Mexican-American Association of Southern New Jersey and Family Strengthening Network. Its mission is to strengthen immigrant, low income working families by providing training and support to parents to promote child well-being and stronger families through financial stability, improved resident status and the development of community leaders. Unidos para la Familia works together with the families they serve to strengthen the whole family, and in doing so will open doors for better jobs, home ownership, community gardens and a strong community that is developed to organically respond to their needs and the needs of those around them. Unidos para la Familia utilizes Family Advocates who are trained to coach families to self-identify their needs and empower them to successfully achieve their goals. Family Advocates are dedicated to walking alongside families, thinking outside the box for solutions, and providing the tools and services families use in reaching their goals. unidosparalafamilia.com

Connecting Families to Communities is a collaboration that includes the United Advocacy Group, Holly City Development Corporation, Millville Public Library, Millville Neighborhood Alliance and Cumberland County College. It is committed to improving the quality of life for local families, creating stronger families that are self-sufficient and actively engaged in their community through a combination of informal case management and community development. Family advocates work with whole families to identify individual and family goals, establish clear action plans and next steps, and assist them in identifying available resources and in keeping all family members involved and engaged in the process. A Community Builder works to establish connections and partnerships with other community organizations, to identify diverse services and establish effective strategies for working together where overlaps in services and resources exist. The Community Builder also works to connect families with community leaders in conducting community assessments and including those families in designing a plan for the neighborhood. cfcmillville.org

The Family Enrichment Network strives to empower and provide low-income working families in Salem County, NJ, with the skills to maintain healthy relationships, achieve economic success, and improve their children’s well-being. The network is comprised of the YMCA of Salem County, Appel Farm Arts and Music Center, The Family Resource Network, The Penns Grove-Carneys Point School District and St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish. Families involved in the Family Enrichment Network are able to take advantage of the collaboration’s shared resources, private family goal setting and coaching, and more than 25 free family events per year. These multi-faceted events provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together, learn communication skills, express themselves, explore the arts and participate in sports, while growing academically and spiritually. strongfamilysc.com

The South Jersey First Star collaborative, which is comprisedof First Star, Inc., Court Appointed Special Advocates of Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties (CASA of CGS), Community Treatment Solutions and the Family Strengthening Network, operates foster youth academies, and a four-year college preparatory programs for high school foster youth. The program is designed to show participants that they belong on a college campus, while providing them with the resources and tools needed to get there. Youth live on a college campus each summer throughout high school, while returning to the campus one to two days each month throughout the school year. The campus becomes a second home that inspires and empowers them. Each Academy keeps youth on track for academic success, equips them with life skills needed for adulthood, trains them to advocate for themselvesand others, and provides familial relationships that will lastthrough adulthood. firststar.org

The Family Strengthening Network is made up of United Advocacy Group, Community Treatment Solutions, Volunteer Center of South Jersey, Center For Family Services and Court Appointed Special Advocates of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties and serves families throughout that three-county area by empowering and supporting them to accomplish their goals, achieve their dreams, and be successful in all areas of life. Family Strengthening Network engages whole families through holistic, family-driven services, provides free confidential sessions with a Family Advocate, and offers prevention-focused education. The network identifies and develops supportive communities to embrace the well-being of families through informal supports. Families are engaged in local churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations known as Family Strengthening Network sites. Through these interactions, families are referred to a Family Advocate to help the family assess their needs and determine a“Life Action Plan” to accomplish their goals. Family Advocates then provide the accountability, necessary tools, and referrals to community resources that families need in order to accomplish these goals. The Family Strengthening Network additionally offers prevention-focused educational seminars and small groups based on specific family needs as assessed by the site. familystrengtheningnetwork.org

Stronger Families is dedicated to empowering Greater Bridgeton Area families to flourish by providing free, confidential, and holistic family case management to the local community, including families impacted by the incarceration of a parent/caregiver at the Cumberland County Jail. Stronger Families is a collaboration of Temple Vision, United Advocacy Group, Police Athletic League of Bridgeton, the Cumberland County College, and the Bridgeton Family Success Center. The collaborative partners work together with whole families to develop written family action plans that address immediate needs, set long-term measurable self-identified goals, and track progress towards behavioral outcomes and goal achievement. Stronger Families provides support to families by holding office hours at the Alms Center and the Bridgeton Family Success Center, as well as by meeting with families at convenient locations throughout the community. Stronger Families also engages with families at the Cumberland County Jail including through contact visits organized for the sole purpose of family coaching, family nights to promote bonding, virtual visits conducted at the Alms Center, and following release into the community. strongerfamiliesnj.org