Promoting the Integrity, Independence and Well-being of Working Families


Our Mission

Building Strong Families

The Pascale Sykes Foundation supports a select number of innovative, flexible, holistic, long-range programs that promote the integrity, independence and well-being of the intergenerational family unit. The Foundation focuses on programs targeting low-income families with at least one actual or potential wage earner and those involving open, voluntary enrollment.

The Foundation recognizes that families are composed of independent individuals, yet all are interdependent. Accordingly, the Foundation supports programs offering integrated services that produce gradual behavior changes in all family members as they work toward common goals. The Foundation encourages programs with volunteers, neighborhood workers, interagency cooperation and marriage strengthening.

“…promoting the integrity, independence and well-being of the intergenerational family unit.”


Whole Family Approach

Focuses on working families trying to get ahead; the approach is prevention, not crisis oriented. 

Approach Basics

  1. Whole people within whole families
  2. At least 2 adults in charge, all family members involved
  3. Family and individual plans with all family members working together; informal supports
  4. Long range plans with behavior goals; SMART behavior objectives (outcomes, indicators); dig for roots
  5. Agencies working together; shared information
  6. All agencies involved in data collection, data evaluation and reformatting of 
    a. individual family plans
    b. entire effort